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25 September 2014 @ 01:12 am
Out-Muscled By Google  
Powerlifting and strong-arm tactics used to work pretty well kicking sand in the face of the scrawny 97 pound weakling Google USED to be. And I used to body-slam it from one side of the internet rasslin' ring to the other with style and verve. But I'll be danged, that scrawny little terd grew up to be a big, beefy MONSTER, and now he's eating my lunch.

I used to make good money off the 'net -- and the biggest benefit of a passive income stream was it gave me the luxury to make working-out at the gym, and rehabbing this tired ol' bear carcass into a Beefy Muscle Bear my #1 priority each and every day. Now I'm living on ramen noodles and cheap frozen burritos, pounding on my MacBook, trying to keep the dream alive. If that means whoring hairy men in Speedos, jockstraps, beard trimmers and recommending back hair shavers till I drop from exhaustion, so be it. I'm an Internet Marketing Bear and I won't be stopped - until I make a million dollars, or I can't afford the roof over my head.
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