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14 June 2010 @ 06:25 pm
Bear Hairy Men's Grooming - Relentless Growth  
 Ya shave it off, it comes back. Ya let it get sloppy, you trim it back. You cut it short it gets long again. Ya shave it smooth, it get's bristly and stubbly. Ya groomed yesterday, the week before, a month ago. And now you gotta do it again, cuz you're hairy, and it grows, and it's got to get dealth with.

Such is the nature of men - and the need for the best mens grooming accessories. In the old days ya had a straight-edge razor and a scissors and a comb: The Big Three of men's beauty, and if you couldn't hack and whack it off with that, ya didn't need it.

Well fast forward to the modern age of hair care: rechargable, cordless, microfine, titanium ion, washable, travel-size, go-anywhere EVERYTHING you could possibly need to whack at your fuzzy bits. From the best beard trimmers to goatee styling gear, to right down to the curled tips of a mustache wax... there's no need to look like a wooly-bearded caveman (unless you're into that scene.)

Being a Bear lovin' man and whatnot, I'm not advocating Evangelical Right-Wing Shaving Extremist action on other body parts. But yes, for those that must, some of the best mens bodygroomer gear can dee-noode a man's hairy back or nether regions faster than you can say 'Oh my gawd, he's MANSCAPING!'

We like 'em fuzzy, our men we do. But guys like tools -- and if you give 'em some many power tools to groom with - they'll build and destroy, create and construct __something__ anyways. And probably leave a big mess of hair on the floor and clogging the shower drain behind them. It's how they are.