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07 October 2009 @ 08:23 pm
Mens Grooming : Shaving Beard Trimming Manscaping Etc  
It never ends. Just when I seem to get my fuzzies under control -- I have to do my manscaping all over again - days weeks or months later. See, I never was one of those corporate type guys (even when I was one) to shave and groom and primp and preen EVERY DAY, DAY AFTER DAY. So I never got into the routine of regular maintenence. More like intermittent, occasional, as-needed sort of grooming.

It's not that I don't have the Manscaper tools to do it. I recently threw away my rotten Conair hair clipper in the garbage. It just was poorly made and designed and it's clipper guides sucked. This was the day after I found what I consider to be the Best Beard Trimmer yet - a Remington hair clipper set at a second-hand store for $2. What a deal!

OK, that and the ARSENAL of razors, clippers, nippers, scissors, combs and foams and whatnot I have here -- I ought to be able to denude every man within 100 miles of here. If I wanted to. But I don't. Cuz I can't even seem to do it half-assed to myself more than once a week or once a month or ONCE IN AWHILE depending on the furry body part that needs attention. OK, so am I lazy, just a slob, or just a regular guy who cuts his own hair if, when, and as-needed?