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08 December 2008 @ 08:08 am
BeefPie's Beefy Muscle Physique Rehabilitation  
 GOAL: Turn into a big massive BEEF-PIE & go around beating up & humping

all the hot, adorable Beef-Pies who've ignored me far too long.
(You know who you are, and you're on my hit-list!)

GOAL: Expertly TRASH-TALK the remaining Beef-Pies who are cleary
too big to pin down and nail. Phrases such as 'Twerp', 'Punk', and 'Shrimp'
really get their blood boiling! Frankly, you've GOT to get a man's blood boiling
if life is to have any passion at all.

GOAL: Seductively SWEET-TALK vulnerable Meat-Muffins with endearing phrases
like "Thick-Necked Lug", "Adorable Hairy Moose", "Hot 'Lil Bulldog":
These are scientifically proven to turn Men Of Steel (and thier holes) into soft mush!

GOAL: Stop the counter-productive toxicity of smoking and get a grip on that.
This pisses me off because I am absolutely fucking formidable and utterly
unstoppable when I set my mind to things. But this one eludes all logic.

GOAL: Make some real, local friends and stop entertaining the Cum'N'Go tourists.

 GOAL: Stand on Palm Canyon drive each year at Gay Pride and have my picture taken.
Show myself, show the world -- what a difference a year of self-discipline, a lifetime of
commitment to exercise can make - inside and out. To find Balance in all things;
Mind - Body - Spirit, Diet - Exercise - Rest, Whiskerrubs - Sex - Laughter. 

Current Location: Palm Springs, CA
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful